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  • All legal residents with a valid government-issued identity and a local bank in Turkey (For new sellers without a bank account can contact customer care for options) 
  • Yabmart Online Shopping is a shopping platform that enables both locals and foreigners who are Producers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Drop-shippers, Restaurants Owners, Ticketing & Booking, Handyman, Realtors, Freelancers, and Nomadic from different sectors or categories, company owners or non-company-owners, big brand or homemade to easily open a store and start selling in any or Assigned category as long as you are a legal resident. All in a common language ( #1 English language customer care with a full selling Autonomous system).
  • Also we ensured optimal online presence, by making Yabmart Online Shopping available for mobile users on Android Play StoreIOS App Store, and Huawei App Gallery.  The mobile app enables sellers to manage their store On-The-Go.

Autonomous System: Our sellers have full control over their store, we do not impose or control any part of the seller store from Registration to our payment partner registration, shipping method, and fee, Tax on the taxable product, adding/editing product, order processing, order shipping status update to delivery and completion. All are controlled by the seller.

Platform Support: Our seller doesn’t need a computer or sit behind a computer to control their store. Almost all seller-required functions can be performed On-The-Go via our mobile app or tablet on Android Play StoreIOS App Store, and Huawei App Gallery. One app for all, the same app, you don’t need a separate application to sell or to shop.

Language Support: One of the major problems that foreigners encounter in this country is the language barrier which no one ever tried to address and that's one of our inspirations for creating both our web & mobile platform in an international language the same applies to our mobile app or tablet on Android Play StoreIOS App StoreHuawei App Gallery. Also, our customer support via phone calls only supports the International language while we use our social media like WhatsappInstagramFacebookLinkedin, and some other support groups to support other languages.

All-In-One System: Our system is all in one system because it allows sales of a physical product, digital product, Handyman services, and also digital freelance services can be offered too.

Payment System: Our payment partner supports all international payment cards with 3D security to prevent unauthorized use of payment cards regardless of which country or currency.

Free Product Listing: We do not put limitations on the number of products you can list on your store.

Low Commission Rate:  This is more than profit for us, that's the reason why we charged a commission that is almost close to nothing because we promised an easier life and we can’t fulfill that if we take away all the profit as commission. Also, a lower commission rate will enable the seller to be able to sell cheaper to the buyer.

Our Company / Brand: We ensured that all legal procedures are followed according to Turkish law and governed by the same law in setting up our platform and required ministries approved of the platform: ETBISTurk Patent, ITO, and IYS among others.

Our Seller / Customer: Our seller policy has been written and will be governed according to the legal procedure set in place for e-commerce law in Turkey and one of the most important parts of this law is that every single seller/buyer should be a legal resident with valid Turkish Identity or equivalent and Turkish Bank account.

Our Company: We ensured that adequate security is put in place. For more security and to give our user peace of mind, we do not require or save any of their personal information on our server and this is the reason why we partner with Iyzico which is one of the best and most secure payment processing services providers in Turkey and internationally for our platform payment processing. They handled all customer payment information without exposing or leaking any of this information to our platform or any other platform.

Our Seller / Customer: Our user system is a fully autonomous system that whatever they do on their account only stays on their account and they have full control of their security as long as they don’t expose their login details.

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